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There are many gems tucked away in the folds of Pakistan that are patiently waiting to be discovered by you. There are few countries that can boast to have it all from a pleasant weather to the ultimate hospitality, it has it all. An oxymoronic land as it has the high peaks of the mountain ranges of the northern ranges yet also houses the shallow valleys of the Indus. Experience the rich culture of the country which has been shaped by the many, dynasties passing through it giving it the present day vibrant and electrifying ambience. The people of Pakistan are the icing on top, which see hospitality as part of their religion and welcome all those that venture within its domain. What are you still thinking about? Grab the latest flight to Pakistan now!

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If you are planning on visiting Pakistan then there is a wide array of flights to choose from that will give you the best travel experience possible. With numerous airlines to select from, find your best match with the help of our consultants, who are always ready to help.

Hajj & Umrah

Embark on your pious journey with all the details of your trip ironed out! Book your flights to Saudi Arabia and even the accommodation details once you get there. Leaving you to pray with a serene mind! We also offer special pilgrimage offers and packages.

Visa Services

Visa details can be obtained by our consultants but it is always best to check with the respective embassy to avoid any hassles. It is important to send your documentation details in a timely manner to us so that we can verify them for you.

Free Stopover in Dubai

Etihad and Emirates provide a single stopover in Abu Dhabi and Dubai respectively on indirect flights to Pakistan from UK. Make the most out of your stopover duration by indulging shopping and even obtaining a transit visa to explore the city if you have more than 2 hours.

Pakistan experiences moderate weather, yet it also experiences some heat waves and intense cold weather. Depending on which part of Pakistan, you are visiting it would differ i.e. the northern areas are best visited during the mild cooler days which occur during April and May. While, the cities and areas in the South heat up during the summer months of June and July and can be rather unbearable. However, the northern areas and the mountain ranges are explored within this time slot.
Pakistan has 3 major international airports that are the prime facilities through which international passengers visit and leave Pakistan:

BENAZIR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT This airport is situated in Islamabad which is the capital and is located just outside Islamabad. The airport has been named after the late Benazir Bhutto who was the first lady prime minister within Pakistan. The airport although situated in the capital, lacks many passenger comforts that make it unpopular with the masses yet there are plans to build a completely new airport, upon which a major portion of work has already been done, yet the inauguration date remains to be settled.

JINNAH INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT The airport is situated in Karachi and is the largest international airport facility of Pakistan, located approximately 15 kms away from the central business district of Pakistan. The airport has been named after the man who laid the foundation, of Pakistan- Mohammed Ali Jinnah. The airport is relatively better equipped for passenger comfort and has a better provision of service in comparison to its other counterpart. This airport is the main core of PIA Pakistan International Airlines. In this airport there is only one terminal which is separated into two sections, one for International flights (Jinnah East Satellite Concourse) and the other for domestic flights (Jinnah West Satellite Concourse).

ALLAMA IQBAL INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT The airport is located an estimated 15 kms away from the central districts of Lahore and has been named after the national poet of Pakistan- Allama Iqbal. The airport is the second largest, facility in Pakistan and has 3 terminals that cater to the needs of all the passengers. The terminals are as follows: The Allama Iqbal Terminal: This has both international and domestic terminals Hajj Terminal: As the name suggests all Hajj passengers use this terminal and connect flights to Saudi Arabia.

Cargo Terminal:
This terminal deals with all cargo, related flights that do not concern the international flights.
Nonstop flights are preferred over indirect flights by families especially as they are travelling with children and want to avoid a lengthy stopover. In which case, the nonstop flights, provided by two major airlines are the following: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Turkish Airlines. The flight duration of a nonstop flight from UK to Pakistan is an estimated 8 hours, allowing you to, comfortably reach any destination of Pakistan without any hassle. This would mean that you would need less hand luggage in your travelling and not to forget that having to go through the hassle of boarding and immigration only once.
There are indirect flights, flying to Pakistan with one stop or two stopovers and flights with the shortest duration of stopover are preferred over other longer stopovers. These are not preferred by families with small children because, the hassle of boarding and off-boarding a plane twice and also going through the paper work. The airlines which provide flights with a single stopover to Pakistan from UK are the following: Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Etihad, Gulf Air, British Airways, Emirates, and Oman Air. The duration of a stop may last between 3 hours to 20 hours, which depends on the airline you opt for and the route.
If you are thinking of visiting the country with a rich historical background and experience it in its full glory then visiting the following destinations is a must: Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, Shalimar Gardens, The Quaid mausoleum, Faisal Mosque, Minaret Pakistan, Mohatta Palace, Frere Hall, Empress Market, Phir Sohawa, Ranikot Fort, Hiran Minar and many more. With Pakistan, there is never a dull moment if you have the right spirit and attitude, then it will give you memories that will stay with you forever.
The people of Pakistan are known for their hospitality, and warmness that would envelop you the moment you step on to Pakistani soil. The dominate religion in Pakistan is Islam with approximately 95% of the population belonging to it while the rest belong to other religions. The ethnic profile of Pakistan consists of Punjabis, Baloch, Sindhi, Pashtuns and more. The place is a melting point of many cultures with the lineages, dating back to the Mughals, Persians, Greeks and Aryans making the culture of Pakistan today rich and insightful- essentially making everyone a child of an immigrant.
Like the population of Pakistan the cuisine of Pakistan is also a mixture of many cultures and families, there is impact from the Mughals, Aryans, Hindu, Greek and Persian communities that all infuse together to create a variety of flavors that take the soul to the next level. The most prevalent influence has been that of the Mughal Empire, which were rich with spices and herbs and took time to prepare. The use of turmeric, red chili powder and garam masala are all the most important ingredients of the main meals prepared. The Pakistani eating patterns consist of all the 3 main meals i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner, with dinner being the biggest meal of the day.
• Pakistan has the largest ambulance service run by Abdul Sattar Edhi.
• The second largest mountain peak is located in Pakistan.
• Pakistan is the only Muslim nation in the world.
• The eighth wonder of the world is Pakistan’s “karakoram expressway!
• Pakistanis have been named as the 4th smartest people according to research.
• The largest salt mine is located in Pakistan.
• The largest Man grown forest? Pakistan has it by the name Changa Manga.
• The Pakistani National Anthem is among the top anthems of the world.
• Pakistan has the seventh largest army in the world.
• Pakistan is expected to be one of the most emerging economies of the world.
• Surprisingly it has the largest irrigation system in the world.
• There over 60 languages being spoken in Pakistan. • Pakistan loves cricket yet their national sport is hockey.
• Guess what Pakistan’s national drink is? Sugar cane juice!
• Keep your valuables close to you especially the when travelling in crowed areas.
• Riots and protests are part of the everyday routine of the country, by simply keeping clear of where they are happening you can keep your trip going.
• Pakistan is a Muslim country, therefore expect that females won’t shake hands with you. As a rule simply extend your hand if they do.
• Modest dressing is encouraged in Pakistan and too much flesh on display is frowned upon.
• Public display of affection is another frowned upon activity that should be avoided.
• Haggling is the norm in open markets so don’t be ashamed of bargaining with the shop keeper.
• The drinking water in Pakistan is not of best quality, and takes time to acclimatize, thus drink certified mineral water.
• Get the appropriated vaccinations as recommended by your doctor before arriving in Pakistan, to avoid getting any diseases.
• Pakistanis like their spice so be prepared to try some scrumptious yet spicy dishes.
• Search around for the best exchange rate, and ask for a better when exchanging money.

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